My father, father-in-law, and several siblings are business owners.  Even though I am not a business owner, the hardships they face such as taxes, government regulation,  providing health insurance, as well as working to be profitable are concerns that need to be addressed.


Ensuring children are receiving the education that will help them to become well rounded, responsible, self reliant adults is my goal for my children and those in Idaho. Three of my children will be in school this the fall.  I am not separated from education.  The decisions made regarding education personally affect my life and my children’s. 


I will vote to protect the family unit.  I support the rights of the unborn.  My priority will always be my family.


Healthcare can and should be affordable.  I have been educated in and worked in the healthcare field.  My knowledge of the field and the insurance industry will help me address Idahoan’s health insurance concerns.

Population Growth

Agriculture is an important part of Idaho and essential to our food supply. While protecting the agricultural values of Idaho, we need to work together with the growing population to keep Idaho a safe and affordable place to raise our families.  I know how wonderful Idaho is and understand why people want to move here.  I love it and will never leave. 

Second Amendment

I believe in owning and responsibly using firearms for hunting, recreation, and self defense.  I am a lifetime member of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.  


The government, as well as individuals, should be more responsible in acknowledging when programs need cut, or when there is a better way to spend sacred taxpayer dollars.  Increasing taxes is rarely, if ever, the answer.  I believe in being financially responsible and self reliant.  

Transportation Funding

Roads are used daily.  They are tangible evidence of how your tax dollars are being invested.  Roads will always be a little behind the growth, but are important to keep the business and economy moving in the state of Idaho.